Fischer hockey sticks

Established in 1924 in Ried, Austria, Fischer stands today as one of the premier sports brands in international skiing and tennis.

Art. Lebedev Studio developed for Fischer the graphic design of the entire range of hockey sticks, blades and shafts of the 2004–2005 season.

The studio created logos, typefaces and graphic design elements for Fischer models and technologies.

Yellow Fischer Vacuum 9900 stick in action

Release date: November 30 2003


art director


Fischer Vacuum 9900 JR and Vacuum 9900

Fischer Quasar 9700 JR and Quasar 9700

PRO series

Fischer Spider 9500

Fischer Tornado 8500

Fischer Red Alert 7500

Fischer Keeper 9100 PRO (goalie)

SPORT series

Fischer Action 3500 KID, 4500 JR, 6500 SR and 5500 INT

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