Flacon Design Factory map

Overview   Process  

Task: to create a map for a cultural center.

Flacon Design Factory is a creative cluster of design studios, architectural bureaus, craft workshops, fashion stores, education and coworking centers, cafés, business spaces and art objects. People come to Flacon to work, study, relax, walk, buy nice things and communicate with artists. To make navigating the factory easier, a map and a pocket guidebook were created at the studio.

flacon scheme small white
Simplified map for small formats

The three entrances to the design factory are located on one side which allows to place buildings on a curved plane with front-top view. This angle makes the entire territory of Flacon visible helping visitors to see how to get where they want.

The factory has a large area with many buildings. The pocket guidebook contains a detailed map of the premises, full list of residents, fun facts about the factory and advice on spending a great day there.


artistic director
art director
chief typesetter
project managers
flacon map back
flacon map front
Back and front covers of the booklet

Special pictograms were developed for interesting objects located on the territory. Vibrant details brighten up the geometric strictness of the map.

flacon scheme icons
Artistic elements

Art objects and main venues are also marked on the map, as well as building entrance numbers which help tenants give precise directions to their guests.

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