Flying Cam website

Task: to introduce unique professional drones.

Flying Cam designs and manufactures unique drones. Professionals around the world use them to solve complex tasks from planning road junctions to filming movies. The company has even won two Oscars and one Emmy in technical categories for its contribution to the film industry.

Conventional drones allow to take a bird’s eye view of the world, take pictures or shoot video from the air. Flying Cam’s UAVs work in conjunction with very complex professional equipment: sensors, measuring devices and huge movie cameras. The drone’s advanced “vision” capabilities are symbolized by the red circle, a reference to the company’s logo.

During the page load an animated logo is shown, symbolizing the symbiosis of man and technology.

The main page shows flying through locations all around the world and conveys the experience of flight.

Videos filmed with drones are not just played in the background: interactive elements are embedded into the scenes and move with them.

Website navigation was turned into a timeline which makes it easy to navigate through important points in the story.

The main page clearly demonstrates the variety of use cases for the drones. A unique shooting location was selected to represent each scenario.

Contact details and news are combined into a single feed with the company’s history tied to the timeline and points on Earth.

Flying Cam has hundreds of case studies that vividly demonstrate the capabilities of the drones. They are introduced as articles.

On the website pages the UAVs are presented as works of technological art with their own soul, body and intellect.

  • Content from HBO and Flying Cam was used in the announcement
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