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  • Forman brandname, logo and corporate identity

    Overview   Process  

    Problem: Make a new product stand out in the market.

    Samara plaster manufacturing plant, a part of the Versivo business association, launches a new brand of dry mixtures. We created the brandname and logo, developed package design, drafted advertising materials, designed corporate gifts and provided sales outlet decorating ideas.

    The brand has a face of Apollo wearing a hard hat

    The light and shade version of the logo, if necessary, can be replaced with its monochrome version.

    The beauty of Apollo’s face yet more astonishing in black and white

    Release date: October 10 2008


    artistic director
    art director
    technical designers
    type designer
    editor & copywriter

    Forman has a real head that, unlike other animal-like or abstract characters so often seen in logo construction, is intellectual enough and can always put forward a worthwhile suggestion.

    “Um... I really should do something about the walls...”
    “You can create smooth wall textures using our mixtures.”

    In the Forman catalog you can find floor leveling compounds and plaster mixtures for wall and ceiling works of all kinds. Product package design theme is an edge pattern of white plastering on an unfinished surface.

    Standard paper bags marked with different colors and large numbers are easy to find on store shelves

    Corporate print materials and advertisements use fun slogans about heads and building works.

    Advertising pillars saying “A head start on home improvement” and “Well ahead of the rest”

    Forman’s print ads can feature plastering patterns or museum-style elements.

    Just plaster and “My wall is all white” versions of mag ad

    Corporate stuff designed as part of the identity package well serves any presentation purposes.

    Paper bags

    Sandglass with dry plaster mixture

    White Rubik’s cube


    Hard hat with a laurel wreath, workwear and a souvenir trowel for cake

    Pillar-like lighter and head-shaped eraser

    Corporate design guidelines make up a brandbook.

    Brandbook flyleaf

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