Fort corporate identity

Overview   Process  

Task: to design a visual identity for a wine distributor.

Founded in 1992, Fort entered the Russian wine market with imported wines from Chile. Twenty years later, Fort boasts an impressive 1200-item catalog, ventures into new businesses, and decides it’s time to redesign their corporate identity.

fort identity logo
The top element of the logo pays homage to a bunch of grapes and drops of wine

Six companies forming the Fort group got color-coded and each of the three divisions received its own pattern.

Release date: May 14 2012


artistic director
art director
type designer
project managers
fort identity patterns
Wine selling, oil manufacturing, and logistics

The style manual covers all details on the corporate identity for all the businesses.

fort identity brandbook logo
Color coding
fort identity brandbook decor
Playing up the metaphor
fort identity documents
Elegant and professional stationery

fort identity sunset
Corporate sunset

fort identity car
Logo and corporate pattern on the move

fort identity 20
Anniversary version of the logo

fort identity promo
Bottle stopper with a particular top

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