• Graphic design
  • The making of the Frigate Ecojet aircraft livery design

    Overview• Process

    We need to come up with a livery for the new Frigate airplane which is still being developed.

    The plane has an unusual fuselage with an elliptical cross-section. Preparing a 3D model for painting.

    Searching for a theme.

    The client likes the butterfly wings.

    Trying to sprinkle pixels over the tail or cover it with spots.

    The client chooses pixels but asks to bring the colors closer to the corporate ones.

    The artistic director believes the pixel graphic is too primitive, so we try to make the pixels look more like scales on butterfly wings.

    The deformed shape of the pixels makes the pattern look stretched.

    Trying other variants.

    Meanwhile, the type designers are making sketches of the text.

    The client chooses the pattern with round scales.


    Adding the final version of the text to the fuselage and preparing the patterns for application.