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    Galnaftogaz website

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    Ukraine-based Galnaftogaz sells petrochemicals and associated products and offers fuel storage and transportation services. The company owns 17 oil storage facilities, runs laboratories where the quality of oil products is tested.

    Main page

    The website features information on the company, the major lines of its business, the regional branch network. Website visitors can learn about the company’s charity and sponsorship activities, its social policy and environmental protection program. The section for shareholders and investors contains financial performance data, the structure of the company’s equity, stock information and audit reports.

    Release date: July 08 2005


    art director and designer
    Anton Yarusov
    Mikhail Paschenko
    Denis Zarubin
    Nikolay Zavada
    Anna Kalmykova
    Alyona Miroshnik-Rubina

    Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Natalya Oboznenko and Marichka Kucherenko for their direct participation in project implementation

    Texts for the website were provided by Galnaftogaz

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