[The work is in the museum]

Problem. Create a site for the first Russian online newspaper.

The first version of with Anton Nosik as chief editor was financed Effective Politics Fund.

Leading article

A year an a half later the project was transfered to another publisher, and the team continued work as

Gazeta 1.0 featured “ears” which are small text and graphic announcements. Here we provide original rules on the feature application, punctuation and spelling of the time (1999) unchanged.

Artist, remember: your job is not to lose the sense of reality and then be back with some tremendous idea, but to follow most accurately the rules set forth below.

‘Ears’ appearance in There are 3 ‘ears’ at the top of each page. Each ‘ear’ is a 200 × 50 pixels rectangle with 2-pixel-wide frame measuring 200 × pixels. 7-pixel space above the frame is useful for carrying out graphic elements.

RGB color of the gray frame: 102 102 102.

The only possible font type: Free Set Black

Principal sizes and parameters of the ‘ears’.

Margins are fixed—indentation of 5 pixels when the image is on the right and of 98 pixel (the very middle of an ‘ear’) if the image is on the left.

Text must never surround the image, appear below it. Other fonts or sizes are not permissible, nor may text ever appear in any unauthorized way, however strong you are tempted to do that.

A graphic element is always above the line overlying it. The line is not to end at the image center. It runs the full length and may not thin out near the image. It is important to remember that graphics should not necessarily carry out of the frame.

Note: each pixel against the rules means a reduction of from the designer’s salary.

Release date: February 28 1999


art director & designer

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