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    The making of the websites for Gazprom affiliate companies

    Overview   Process  

    Analyzing the existing websites. Tracing common and individual traits.

    Working on use cases.

    Starting to plan. Our main task is to create a website that would satisfy requirements of dozens of companies across Russia.

    Preparing specifications.

    Making first drafts of the design. Trying to use the design of the main website as a starting point.

    The art director asks to add more zest.

    Inventing a bold move with the flag in the header.

    The flag idea has its appeal, but looks too colorful. Deciding to return to corporate colors.

    Transforming the main page. The About block moves to the top of our list of priorities.

    Nearing the end.

    Working through the navigation options.

    Trying various menu alternatives that differ in filling.

    Working on the pages.

    Now starting to work on the news slider that has to handle messages of different format.

    Preparing the user manual.

    Adjusting the last details.

    Putting the system into operation.

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