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Gazfond Non-Governmental Pension Fund website

[The work is in the museum]

Gazfond, a non-governmental pension fund, provides pension services to people employed in the gas industry. The fund was established by Russia’s largest gas enterprises.

The basis of the website design is a human palm—the symbol of support and protection

The website features complete information on the fund’s founders and investors, its investment policy. The “Pensions in Russia” section contains the history of non-governmental funds development in Russia, information on the pension reform and foreign experience in this field.

Potential customers can take a look at the fund’s financial reports for the last few years, the procedure of making contracts with private and corporate clients

The Library features all federal laws, decrees and orders related to the pension sector, while the glossary will help users get the hang of the relevant terminology.

Easy-to-use two-level navigation was especially developed for the website

With the help of a special calculator, the user can estimate the size of the future pension depending on his or her age and the selected pension plan.

Release date: October 28 2003


art director and designer
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