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  • Liquefied Natural Gas—the Future of Global Energy by Maxim Mayorets & Konstantin Simonov

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     Chapter “Possible Cooperation of Major LNG Producers” (in Russian, pages 333–345, PDF, 184 KB)

    Task: to prepare a book for publishing.

    In this book, the eperts from Gazprom summarize all their knowledge on Liquefied Natural Gas—from its first appearance on the energy market to predictions of its future as a part of global energetic balance. The studio worked on the book’s binding and illustrations, getting it ready for print.

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    LNG numbers & statistics on the dust jacket

    All the chapters, including the introduction and the conclusion, are preceded by illustrations.

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    Liquefied Natural Gas—the Future of Global Energy (In Russian)

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      ≈ 899  руб.

    Release date: July 26 2013


    art director
    chief typesetter
    technical designers
    project manager
    The studio would like to thank Denis Ignatiev for his assistance on the project
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    Photos are also used as illustrations.

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    Photo on the spread

    A lot of the data is presented as graphs, tables, and diagrams.

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    Pages 86–87

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    Pages 154–155

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    Pages 260–261

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