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    Overview   Process  

    Problem: Create a Victory Day section.

    Gazprom is the largest oil and gas company in the world. This section tells about Gazprom’s workers, veterans of World War II.

    gazprom veterans 01
    Front page with portraits of Gazprom employees who lived and worked through the war

    Every veteran has an individual page with his or her autobiography, decorations, documents and pictures from personal archives.

    gazprom veterans 02
    Veteran’s page

    The section features over a thousand carefully prepared photographs.

    Release date: May 04 2010


    art director
    Ludwig Bistronovsky
    Sergey Kulinkovich
    technical designers
    Roman Gordeev
    Oleg Petko
    Aleksandr Smetanka
    Andrey Tkachenko
    Denis Khripkov
    Albert Iblyaminov
    Aleksandr Shumov
    flash technologist
    Dmitry Bezverkhy
    beta tester
    Dmitry Muratov
    Anton Startsev
    Anna Martinevskaya
    Maksim Dolgov
    Vsevolod Ivanov
    Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Vyacheslav Loshkaryov, Olga Chernykh and Sergei Shemyakin for their contribution to the project

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