Genotek genetic test packaging

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to create an expensive-looking packaging for genetic tests.

Genotek medical genetic center conducts personal genetic tests, studies the human genome, determines clients’ predisposition for certain diseases and advises them on how to change their lifestyle accordingly. Its services are also used by people who would like to know everything about their ancestry or are planning to start a healthy family. To have a test conducted, clients need to collect a blood or saliva sample and send it to the laboratory for analysis. To make it easier to collect samples and ensure they are delivered to the laboratory quickly and safely, a compact packaging with instructions was created at the studio.

The box can be opened only once

The box that the clients receive is securely closed with a lid that has a matte mirror surface. This design fits well into the company’s futuristic design concept and reflects the owner, emphasizing the personal nature of the test.

genotech package parcel
Package from the future

The internal layout of the box takes into account both types of tests by using a double-sided insert with a sample collection device and a vial. One side of the insert has instructions on collecting saliva and the other has information on how to submit a blood sample.

Instructions are coded with different colors

Soft box ensures safety of the sample during transportation.

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