• Graphic design
  • The making of the Prague City Gallery logo

    Overview• Process

    Studying the history of the Prague City Gallery.

    Making the first attempt.

    Art director: The first one might work but is unreadable right now. Make some more.

    Finding a picture with a house mark on the façade of one of the gallery’s buildings. Making a new attempt.

    Art director: Let’s show it to the artistic director.

    Artistic director: Let’s finalize the one with the ring. Can you create more variations?


    Artistic director: Let’s also show the one with the G-shaped ring.


    Artistic director: Number 7 is OK.


    Preparing a presentation for the client.

    While preparing the presentation, the designer realizes he made a mistake: the building with the ring-shaped house mark was given by the gallery to Prague Museum several years ago.

    Going back to one of the previous designs and finalizing it. Creating a new presentation.

    Next, sending it to the type designer.

    Receiving the art director’s comments and preparing the final version.