The making of the Prague City Gallery logo

Overview• Process

Studying the history of the Prague City Gallery.

ghmp process 01

Making the first attempt.

ghmp process 02

Art director: The first one might work but is unreadable right now. Make some more.

Finding a picture with a house mark on the façade of one of the gallery’s buildings. Making a new attempt.

ghmp process 03
ghmp process 04

Art director: Let’s show it to the artistic director.

Artistic director: Let’s finalize the one with the ring. Can you create more variations?


ghmp process 05

Artistic director: Let’s also show the one with the G-shaped ring.


ghmp process 06

Artistic director: Number 7 is OK.


ghmp process 07
ghmp process 08

Preparing a presentation for the client.

ghmp process 09

While preparing the presentation, the designer realizes he made a mistake: the building with the ring-shaped house mark was given by the gallery to Prague Museum several years ago.

Going back to one of the previous designs and finalizing it. Creating a new presentation.

ghmp process 10
ghmp process 11

Next, sending it to the type designer.

ghmp process 12

Receiving the art director’s comments and preparing the final version.

ghmp process 13
ghmp process 14