Global-WAN universal security sensor

Task: to design a security sensor.

Global-WAN develops and manufactures equipment for the Internet of Things. The project, which is the company’s entry into the market, uses wireless technology to collect and transmit small amounts of data over long distances, as well as blockchain. The design for the security sensor was created in the studio: we came up with its shape, perfected its appearance and made it extremely easy to install.

global wan colors

The pleasant smooth shape of the sensor resembles a shield or a lock which further strengthens associations with reliable protection.

The sensor is compact, universal and fully autonomous. In addition to standard scenarios such as placing it on doors and windows, users can create their own: the device is easy to attach even to furniture or equipment whose movement needs to be tracked. The sensor has a built-in accelerometer and motion detection circuit.

global wan hand

Thanks to their neutral, minimalist design, Global-WAN sensors blends seamlessly into any interior, remaining almost completely invisible. They are also completely independent: they do not have a receiving module which all standard opening sensors usually have. This facilitates installation and reduces disruption to the interior.

global wan final

artistic director

art director

industrial designer


Made in 73 days
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