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    Grain Holding corporate identity

    Problem: Develop a corporate identity package for a large bakery business.

    Grain Holding owns several flour, grain and bakery production plants in Central Russia. The plant branches underwent re-engineering and now follow harmonized quality standards, management and operations controlled by the parent company.

    Golden bread heart in a steel frame of corporate management

    The sign features both Latin G and Cyrillic Г lettershapes

    Release date: September 03 2008


    art director
    Artemy Lebedev
    Evgeny Kazantsev
    technical designer
    Evgeny Bryantsev
    type designer
    Elena Novoselova
    Iskander Mukhamadeev
    Ignat Shametko
    Tatyana Devaeva
    Anna Aranovskaya
    Kira Viktorova
    Masha Zayakina

    This fresh baked identity is implemented in business documentation, building exterior design, and working clothes.

    Business cards, letterhead, envelope, and price list

    One of the color versions of working clothes

    Corporate identity guidelines, mock-ups and other useful materials can be found in the Grain Holding brandbook.

    Double-page spread about the logo

    Corporate colors as they are

    Visitor’s pass samples

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