“Automate it!” website

Problem. Make a good website.

Helpline is involved in automating catering services, billiard clubs, movie theatres, gaming clubs, hotels and other businesses.

Right on the main page there is a list of businesses subject to automation ranging from restaurants to aquaparks. Should you be interested in automating a certain industry, you know instantly where to read all about it.

The website is designed to resemble a printed theme issue—it has a leading article accompanied by announcements

In the studio we figured out the difference between an R-keeper and a Time-keeper to be able to share this knowledge with the rest.

The page on program complexes develops the association—it is black with as many as two Freuds present

Inside Issues section contains detailed company information.

When you are about through with the site, you are invited to do a crossword and given Helpline contact information

You may get a closer look—FAQ, answers by experts, discussions on specific matters—in Support24 section.

Information office is at your service 24 hours a day

Release date: November 08 2007


art director& designer
type designer
Dmitry Filatov
copywriter & model

Art. Lebedev Studio expresses respect to Alexei Pozdnyakov, Gennady Repyevsky, Alexei Kuleshov and Ilya Vanehin for their fortitude during the session

Special thanks to Pavel Smirnov for his confidence

Some of the front line photographs

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