• Graphic design
  • Khatanga
  • The making of the Khatanga Seaport corporate identity

    Overview• Process

    The client doesn’t want to “dramatically change the logo and the motto, just something new to make it geometrically correct and modern.”

    On we go!

    The art director asks to keep the globe and the ship, add a crane and then concentrate on fine-tuning the aesthetics.

    The bottom right one looks promising.

    Number 20 is OK, but the load needs two ropes.

    Art director: Number 30 is better. Let’s make the ice floe repeat the shape of Russia’s northern shoreline. And make it less straightforward, add some details.

    Art director: In Number 31 I like the fact that the ship doesn’t have any windows. The anchor looks good in others, though. In Numbers 32–37 I like the /\ design of the crane instead of |. The crane is good in 34–35 where it’s rounded. You can add a couple of islands to the country outline.

    Concentrating on the ice floe. Fixing the straight top edge.

    Bending the edges. Giving the ship more space.

    The right one is OK. Removing the islands from the ice.

    Showing to the client and receiving detailed feedback about the shape of the ship’s hull, fiddley and the container. Implementing.

    One of the company’s ships is about to be painted in the dock. Urgently preparing recommendations for text and logo application.

    Thinking about the way the ship’s name, port of registry and international identifier should look on the transom.

    Sketching a set of icons.

    And a miniature version of the logo.

    Ultimately deciding not to use it: the logo is good as it is. Thinking about the documents.

    Decorating branded document folders.

    Working on the souvenirs.

    Typesetting the guide.