Horoshkola library interior

Overview Process
Task: to turn a boring hallway into a beautiful library.

Release date: September 30 2015

Curriculum and space of the Horoshevo progymnasium are uniquely planned to instill in children the natural desire for knowledge, arouse passion for exploring and develop the ability to hear, understand and agree with each other. Interior of the school library designed to awaken the interest in reading, teach pupils to find and choose books and discover the fascinating world of literature was created at the studio.

The library is located in a T-shaped space. The main wall is located along the stem of the T, while the left «shoulder» houses the reading room and librarians’ workstations. On the right are more library shelves and a comfortable reading spot. Small reading rooms are also located in the halls of the second and the third floors
Shelves of various colors allow to visually distinguish books of various genres

The reading room is designed for communication and group work. The balcony fenced with translucent tubes provides another cozy reading spot

Wall with shelves and houses

Children can climb the stairs and take any books they like. Illustrations on the walls and badges behind books make the space even more exciting
horoshkola spider

Bags and pillows in houses provide pleasant sitting for one or two

At night, the library is softly illuminated with additional lamps
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art director
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The studio wishes to thank Yulia Polyanskaya, Nadezhda Frolova and Inlux furniture factory team for their help with the project

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