HP Champion Club Round 5

[The work is in the museum]

HP Champion Club is a website containing programs for resellers promoting Hewlett-Packard products on the Russian market.

HP resellers start the fight from this page

Resellers participating in quarterly competitions of selling particular kinds of HP products can track their progress at the website. Art. Lebedev Studio drew big and beautiful pictures for each category of HP products that depict resellers vying for championship.

For the fifth round of the championship Art. Lebedev Studio devised 28 new historical war games, while the studio designer Nikolay Vershinin created 28 great realistic maps

For example, the picture for the quarterly reseller game “Decembrist Revolt” (the “Mobile systems” category) depicts snow-covered plains with the Peter the Great monument in the center. Tiny cute Decembrists are gathering around the monument—the resellers of HP mobile systems. The task of the insurgents is selling as many mobile systems within the quarter as possible. The more mobile systems a Decembrist sells, the closer he will approach the monument. The first Decembrist to get to the monument will be awarded a valuable prize.

“Decembrist Revolt”

In the former rounds of the HP Champion Club we used drawn backgrounds. In the fifth round we used photorealistic aerospace photos.

Release date: January 15 2003


art director

Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Yana Kokina and Katerina Grachova (Hewlett-Packard) for their direct participation in the work on the project

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