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HYPE is an international art movement that’s aimed at giving gifted but obscure artists the opportunity to put their works on public display.

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To make it possible, an exhibition is opening in Moscow at which there will be no works at the moment of opening. The first work will not appear on the exhibition hall walls until the first participant—any person who believes he or she is a photographer, a painter, an illustrator or a designer—fetches it.

Files are to be fetched: the images will be printed out on professional large format equipment and placed in the HYPE Gallery without delay. If young-and-coming directors care to bring their films, a high-quality projector and thousands of viewers are no problem at all.

You can browse the website with the help of a set of links in the menu, or by tumbling into or climbing out of the manhole

Full coverage of events taking place around HYPE will be provided by the website made in Art. Lebedev Studio. The works of all those who are eager to take part in the exhibition but for some reason can’t bring their works to the ARTPLAY modern design center, are going to be accepted at the website.

Release date: May 23 2005


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