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Shesterenkus ice tray

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Task: to produce a new ice mold.

Shesterenkus is the world’s first multi-color ice mold made of silicone.

shesterenkus 1
Shesterenkus comes in three color combinations

Shesterenkus molds ice into pieces that are as entertaining for the party guests as the drinks.

shesterenkus 02
Switch up your party’s gears

The ice tray is made of silicone, which smoothly releases ice into your glass. For perfectly clear ice cubes, use distilled water.

shesterenkus 03
I want to be yours


Online price:  8  $
  ≈ 7  €
  ≈ 702  руб.

Release date: January 10 2013


artistic director
art director
industrial designer
packaging designer
production managers

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