The making of the Idealista community logo

Overview• Process

Client: Good day! First, please allow me to explain the nuances of the event industry. As marketing has been developing in Russia and the demand for event organizing has been growing, a large number of agencies serving those needs emerged. They grew in number claiming various niches of the market, coming up with more interesting content for the clients. The crisis saw many freelancers (who were previously employed by the agencies) start offering solutions for less money yet with the same high quality of work. Over the last five years, event industry professionals became a new workforce category that everyone, including clients, have to reckon with. However, due to a number of reasons freelancers can’t get contracts from large clients. They also need socializing to grow their business networks and acquire more contacts that will bring them new projects. On the other hand, it became more beneficial for clients to assemble a team specifically for their needs that can’t be effectively covered by agencies. This is how our business idea came to be: to gather a community of freelance professionals in event marketing (event organizing) at a coworking space. There they would be able to expand their business networks, develop by using our educational program and get access to cool and ambitious projects.

Today we have developed the following brand positioning concept (including both main and alternate scenarios): a new business environment combining free-thinking, creative and responsible event professionals with the aim of providing first-class services and growing the industry. Idealista is not just a community of professionals of a single industry, it is also a comfortable space for collaboration, a platform for teamwork and cooperation. The alternate concept: Idealista is a space for open communication and interaction where each idea can get the green light. In other words, it is something like Idealand: we are bringing people together with the aim of creating new unique products and solutions for experienced players on the market and new comers alike. If you have been in the industry for a while, you’ll get access to fresh ideas and fresh blood. If you’re just getting started, we are ready to share our knowledge and ensure your personal and professional growth.

In line with the above, we would like the identity to reflect a fresh, innovative approach to establishing business processes in the industry and showcase values that are important for freelancers: success, freedom and entrepreneurial spirit. We would also like to add that we have settled on turquoise and orange as our signature colors, it would be great to continue using them.

Starting to work.

idealista process 01
idealista process 02

Art director: 12 is OK. But I want to see more.

idealista process 03
idealista process 04
idealista process 05

Art director: 8 and 18 are very good.

Designer: What do you want me to do with the three designs that are good? Try to develop all three, just like the last time?

Art director: Sure. Until we love one of them.

Second designer: The image of individual freelancers connected by a network. A human figure climbs a mountain (idealism, professionalism).

idealista process 07

Art director: The connection looks banal. What if in 1.1 you put the last A into the wave, not the first one?

Second designer: Not sure I got it right.

idealista process 08

Art director: 1.3 is more or less OK.

idealista process 09

Art director: 2.1 is not bad but I would use it on a different logo some other time. Let’s just remember this idea.

Third designer: Breaking it down into two words.

idealista process 10

Art director: Nope.

Fourth designer:

idealista process 11

Art director: Not exactly beautiful.

Designer: Here’s an idea on how we can develop one of the logos.

idealista process 12

Art director: OK. Let’s go with this.