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    The making of the International Exchange Center mobile website

    Overview   Process  

    Getting the task: no additional programming, we only need to develop and apply new templates. Which is great, since this will ensure the mobile version retains all functionality of the full website.

    Analyzing the current website, remembering its features, what works and how. Writing user scenarios. Approving the prototype with the client and giving it to the second designer.

    Sending the prototype straight to the technologist for implementation, while the designer starts working on styles and putting graphics in order. Simultaneously drawing a lorem ipsum page adjusting the details.

    Brushing up the layout, making a list of bug fixes for the technologist.

    A new portion of fixes.

    Drawing large Retina icons that will be scaled down in browser.

    Art director: It looks really bad right now. Especially the program finder which doesn’t fit in the screen and makes it look like the form didn’t work. Too many bugs. Go ahead, fix them. Get back to me when you’re done.

    Adding functionality to the main menu.

    Introducing happy students for a joyful sitcom style.

    Placing country flags and category labels on program cards, removing excessive information by keeping dates and prices only.

    A couple more corrections and it’s done.

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