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    The making of the poster for International Exchange Center

    Overview   Process  

    International Exchange Center celebrates its 25th birthday. A new advertising campaign was launched to mark this event.

    Meeting with the client, discussing the project, listening for requests.

    Client: Currently there is a decline of interest in the Work and Travel program due to the complication of the political situation and difficulties in obtaining a US visa. As a result, many people have formed a negative view of the program. One of the tasks of the poster is to try and change it. We want a bold poster motivating students to travel to America.

    Starting to generate ideas. Showing the first sketches to the client.

    Client: Not bold enough.

    Client: There might be something here, I’m not sure.

    Art director: Develop it more.

    Developing it more.

    Client: Too bold now.

    The search continues.

    Client: Glasses as the society, glasses as one’s own world, we like the idea!


    Going back to the original design.

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