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    The making of the Work and Travel USA promo website templates

    Overview• Process

    Getting the task: we need to create a promo webpage for Work and Travel USA, an international exchange program. We need to reorganize the contents of the old website and present on a single page all the information the future participants might need to make a decision, all while keeping in mind search engine optimization requirements.

    Going through the information on the existing website, creating the approximate structure of the future page.

    iec landing process 01

    Studying reviews of the students and deciding we should give a first-person explanation of the program.

    We also plan to have previous participants explain the main features of the program in banners at the top of the page.

    iec landing process 02

    Sketching the overall look and feel using existing styles.

    iec landing process 03

    Art director: The application form needs to stand out, right now it’s just another colored spot. Making another approach.

    iec landing process 04

    Art director: This design makes you tense and strained, plus the background draws too much attention and distracts from the application form. You need to review the importance hierarchy.

    Reviewing and making another try with new texts.

    iec landing process 05

    Art director: OK.

    Taking pictures of hands for the top banners.

    Choosing photos of the United States from archives of studio’s employees.

    iec landing process 07

    Going through the social network for the program participants to find interesting photos and reviews.

    iec landing process 08

    Sending the materials to the technologist, assembling and launching.