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The making of the International Exchange Center website

Overview   Process  

Diving into the world of international exchange. Studying the information sent by the client, chatting with the students who participated in the programs, guerilling our way into IEC Moscow office posing as young and curious enthusiasts.

Based on the received information we identify typical IEC clients and their problems. Developing the website structure, deciding on the composition of the layouts, creating a design specification.

iec process 01

Looking for an attitude.

Different types of programs can be compared to today’s popular sitcoms. Season 2013 is on, time to join.

iec process 02

A traveler’s diary: souvenirs from different countries and common stereotypes illustrate programs’ main features.

iec process 03

Or an exciting guide of the world of foreign exchange with lots of factual information and interactive social plug-ins.

iec process 04

Setting metaphors aside for a while; we’ll need them later. Let’s focus on the functionality.

Coming up with a design concept in the spirit of modern-day mobile apps—a simple interface for browsing through programs.

iec process 05

Nifty collages on each program page.

iec process 06

The client accepts the collage concept, but notes that the overall visual appearance is excessively simple. The website has to appeal to students from all over the country, not just Moscow Facebookers.

Pouring colors, going back to the idea of a traveller’s diary and scattering notes, tickets and travel photos around the pages.

iec process 07

The client approves the concept. Polishing the design. Putting together the pages and sending them to typesetters.

iec process 08

At the same time working on details. Designing interactive elements.

iec process 09

Drawing buttons and file icons.

iec process 10

НMaking a photo shoot in the spirit of sitcoms. These guys will animate the pages.

iec process 11

Designing and drawing a pile of banners for all the center’s programs. Popular programs get large banners, the rest—narrow strips.

Going on.

iec process 20

The client asks to add to the website the company’s mascot—a talking robot named Rendell. Turns out that Rendell weights 200 kilos and resides in the Moscow State University library where professional photography is not allowed. Nevertheless, getting the library’s permission and taking pictures of the robot.

iec process 21

Drawing the robot and putting it to the website.

iec process 22

Typesetting, debugging, fixing errors.

Order a design...