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Anyone who has ever been to IKEA stores knows that this company has a style—inspiring and democratic. Art. Lebedev Studio borrowed this style to create a section for corporate customers at IKEA website.

Website main page

The website features information on the customers of the corporate service department, guidelines for placing a plain or remote order and paying for it in cash or by transfer.

The sequence of actions to arrange an order is easier to understand and memorize thanks to a set of pictograms

After filling in a form, the customer will be given a free IKEA catalog. If needed, the customer may write a letter, ask a question or post a comment in the Book of Complaints. In a word, being IKEA’s corporate customer is now a more gratifying experience than it used to be.

IKEA’s fifth birthday in Russia

In March Russian IKEA turns five years old. On this occasion the store makes presents to its customers if the sum of their purchase is high enough. At the sight of a yellow page customers should feel a great desire to buy something before the deadline.

Release date: March 02 2005


art director

Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Roman Shugaley and Maria Yanusheva (IKEA) for their invaluable aid in project implementation

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