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  • Materials for IKEA “Offices: New Version” promotion campaign

    [The work is in the museum]

    As summer nears, not only your wardrobe but also furniture needs to be refreshed. Office furniture is no exception. IKEA suggests that executives think about whether it’s time to replace old chairs, desks and drawer units with new ones. Purchasing nice leather sofas for conference rooms is not a bad idea either. A gift—a free sofa and a free brand-new workplace—is due to the customers who see eye to eye with IKEA.

    The studio has gone to extreme lengths in order to let the large community of office executives benefit from the special offer.

    To start with, the studio developed the layout of a print ad for a newspaper and a couple of magazines.

    Advertising page in a magazine

    Secondly, we designed a booklet and an envelope for direct mailing. A happy employee who has come to a refurbished office tours through the booklet pages, while the letter envelope looks like a box IKEA furniture arrives in.


    Thirdly, we created a traditional promotion page in IKEA style.

    Promotion page

    Finally, to advertise the campaign on the Internet, we made a lot of banners different in size but equally smart.

    Release date: May 16 2005


    art director and designer
    Anton Yarusov
    technical designer and imposer
    Marat Nigametzyanov
    technical designer
    Aleksandr Chuvilin
    Serzh Zolotukhin
    Nikita Zhuravlev
    Tatyana Devaeva
    Olga Ekaterincheva
    Natalya Lipkina

    Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Roman Shugaley, Maria Yanusheva and Mikhail Matyushkov for their help in project implementation

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