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    www.ilimgroup.com — in English

    www.ilimgroup.ru — in Russian

    Problem. Create an illustrated website.

    Ilim group is the leading pulp and paper company in Russia with the largest in Europe and the sixth largest in the world forest reserves and timber harvest rates.

    Visitors can really witness company growth

    For this project we organized special shooting—our photographers spent a week at Ilim’s premises taking pictures of how everything works.

    No plant left out

    For those who know little about paper manufacturing, there is a special section providing technical details

    A collection of issues of the Rabochaya Smena newspaper

    Photogallery shows every stage of the process

    Release date: October 28 2008


    art director
    technical designer
    beta tester
    Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Artyom Savko and Yelena Konnova for their contribution to the project

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