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Problem: Create a website for a chain of IMAX theatres.

Planeta Kino is a Ukrainian chain of movie theatres with IMAX technology. Like them, the website gives an exciting experience, with incredible 3D effects and and the sense of presence.

Home page

Showtimes page features a timeline bar. You can select a particular hour, if your are thinking of going at night, for instance. And if you prefer to make plans well in advance, you can view a week’s, or even a month’s showtimes info.

Showtimes, highlighted are shows between 8 and 9 p.m.

For each movie there is a trailer and a poster.

Movie page

From a special section you can learn all about the latest movie technology.

IMAX 3D page

We also created templates for the online ticket booking and individual accounts.

Select your seats

Release date: July 06 2010


art director
Ilya Mikhaylov
Valentin Loschinin
Maksim Shipko
Oleg Podchashinsky
Oleg Didkovsky
Dmitry Kharchenko
flash technologist
Dmitry Bezverkhy
Katerina Andreeva
Inna Vivich
Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Natalya Baidan and Andrey Shpig for their professionalism and contribution to the project

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