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Any company sees lots of events of interest and importance happen in it. Some of them are work-related events, and some are connected with the informal life of the organization with a large staff. Employees should learn news not from rumormongers, passed through many mouths and ears, and not incidentally, but from the company’s common resource where there’s enough place for all sorts of data.

Special pictograms mark important events on a huge and easy-to-use calendar

Ingosstrakh intranet developed by Art. Lebedev Studio performs its functions on a full scale. Business information is kept separate from the informal section where employees are free to communicate. The clock marking the beginning and the end of the work day is meant to remind staff members of things to be done today, and of joys expecting them outside the office premises.

Live intranet for humans

Large companies have birthday boys and girls every day, who will take pleasure in seeing their photos posted on the first page of the intranet and get congratulations from colleagues. A special place on the main page was reserved for important, interesting and much-discussed issues.

To be able to access the intranet, one needs to become an Ingosstrakh employee.

Release date: December 23 2004


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