Innova illustrated isometric office plan

• Overview
Task: to demonstrate a company’s office in great detail.

Release date: January 26 2016

Innova is a Russian company that localizes Internet games and develops online entertainment services, including the 4Game game platform and Ayyo movie theater. An extremely detailed isometric diagram presenting the company’s five-floor office was created at the studio.

Company employees like to work hard and play hard, which is emphasized by the diagram. A variety of fun elements draws attention and encourages long and careful examination: each fragment of the image is a separate story.

Fixing bugs in the 4Game team
Ayyo team gets ready to launch the new website
Workout at the gym

Argument between engineers
Jake is hungry

Party on the terrace
Recording the new episode of All About 4Game
Lecture for beginners

The interior diagram is designed to attract new employees as well as for use in office navigation and advertising projects.

Unchartered dungeon of underground parking
art director
designer and illustrator
project managers
The studio wishes to thank Mikael Gelecyan for his help with the project

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