Adam Paterson

9 July – 17 September 2009
Royal College of Art, London

So after nine weeks at Art Lebedev, I can definitely say I have had one of the best summers of my life.

I’d been following the work of the studio for a number of years and it has always been one of my dreams to work there, so when I got the invitation from Timur to come to Moscow I was VERY happy.

My first year at the Royal College of Art was very demanding, with barely enough free time to blink, so I had planned for my summer to be as much about partying with crazy Russians as it was designing — and I was not disappointed…

Whilst here, I stayed with the very lovely Maya who was the perfect flatmate. The night I arrived she had organised a house party to welcome me — complete with copious amounts of Beer, Vodka and any other substance that may take your pleasure. Through Maya I met loads of new friends and we had many amazing trips, journeys and adventures together. There was never a single dull moment. We would visit the “Dacha” (a country house outside of Moscow) where we would spend time drinking, chatting and playing music through the night (I’m a drummer). We even formed a band, and highlights included playing an improvised set at Afisha Picnic (Russia’s largest music festival) and our farewell gig during my last week. So I have to say a huge thanks to all Mayas friends for making me feel so at home and an even bigger thanks to Maya, because she really is the one who made my experience in Moscow so great and a time that I will never forget.

The studio is a place that is endlessly inspiring, constantly entertaining, and full of humorous discoveries. I am extremely impressed with what Tema has created here and it’s no accident that this place produces such great work and attracts such interesting and passionate people.

It’s been said before, but all the guys in PromDesign really are world class at what they do, and I felt privileged to be able to spend time around them. Timur and Lelic’s sketching is incredible and because of them, I feel like I have really improved.

Timur is a great guy, and is always willing to go out of his way to help you in any way he can. He has a great sense of humour and is a pleasure to be around. He is also a big fan of British comedies and he has picked up some very funny English idioms that always made me smile.

My time has flown by here, and I am very sad to leave — a testament to all the people who have made my experience so enjoyable. My only wish would be to stay longer…

Oh, and also thanks to the very lovely coffee girl and her amazing coffee :-)

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