Aleksander Blagov

25 February – 23 May 2013
Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts

On a cold winter night, leafing through Instagram, I came across a picture with a short message “Product Designer Wanted.” Right away, I started to put together my portfolio in PDF.

I submitted my portfolio, got a response, put my studying and working temporarily on hold, and came to the studio for three months.

I came to the Industrial Deign department. The most organized department, as they say.

At first, just as expected, everything seemed unfamiliar and there’re a few of my first times, but these are usual feelings you should disregard. The main fear was to do something wrong, which also served as an encouragement to approach each task more thoughtfully.

The main thing about the studio’s projects is that you can switch between them, keeping your brain from going stale, which is very good.

You can learn a lot from everyone involved in a project, as I did. But now I start realizing that for the three months there I could have updated my knowledge in different areas much more.

I suppose, every intern has to live in the studio for a while to absorb the atmosphere, but it’s also important to step away from all tasks every so often to have a fresher look upon return.

Internship at the studio is definitely a useful and valuable experience from all points of view. What at first appeared to me as a disadvantage, now certainly looks like an advantage. It’s a question of the right perspective and time.

The studio is like a fitness center for the brains, it’s great here.

The people there are really cool, hello to all, I already miss you, folks.

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