Allan George

31 March – 15 May 2009
International School of Design, Valenciennes


My first impression of the studio, at 7 o’clock in the morning, was that it was like a big house with relaxed atmosphere. It was very interesting to see all of these old products like in a museum, and people sleeping there!!

I had 2 really interesting months, during which I learnt a lot about 2D, 3D, sketching, and the difficulties you could sometimes run into in the process of design. I learnt a lot from my workmates and it improved my skills.

I really like the idea of “homework”, or personal ideas which are shared in the studio, because it allows generating new ideas all the time. My brain has been working non-stop for 2 months. In the studio, there is creativity everywhere.

Sharing links to new products info, new websites, etc., is helpful in our work, and this supports my idea that everything can be a source of inspiration.

The studio has given me a better idea of what kind of design agency I would like to join later a studio where you don’t feel any stress, with competent people who always look for perfection.

Regarding my work, I enjoyed it. I had to find solutions, and work on everything, shapes, technical parts. I have been using all the knowledge I had and was able to gain more during the projects.

I would like to thank my workmates for their help and the interesting discussions we had about design.

Thanks a lot,


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