Andrey Zhdanov

11 March – 8 April 2011
University of Latvia

I was very happy to land an internship at Art. Lebedev Studio. And even happier to learn that apart from responsibilities the interns have certain privileges, such as discounts at the studio’s stores. I immediately took advantage of it and bought a pile of books in advance of my future salary =)

To quote Howard Behar, the author of It’s Not About the Coffee, "If you choose a job based on the title, you risk to get nothing of it except the title. But if you love what you do and aim towards a higher goal, the results and prize will be much more significant."

The studio makes you fall in love, and you become a real fan of the tasks that are assigned to you. Even if they seem boring and routine at first, it’s in your hands to make them more exciting, and your supervisors are always ready to help you and have time for it.

There is nothing more important than seeing the result of your work. There wasn’t a single task aimed at simply loading the intern with work. Now, when I browse through the studio’s portfolio, I see the efforts I invested and I know that, thanks to the task that I completed, the studio will get at least one more client. And I think that is a pretty good result!

The studio doesn’t have a hierarchy—you only have to face your own moral boundaries and break them for your own sake. Initiatives are welcome, ideas are approved, and the ideas of a proactive worker are put into practice.

To anyone who reads this, I recommend to grasp the opportunity to intern at Art. Lebedev Studio, no matter what your occupation is. It will be an amazing adventure that you will remember for all your life. Yes, not a dumb internship or donkey work, but an unforgettable adventure!

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