Anna Hufnagel

12 September 2011 – 27 February 2012
Coburg University of Applied Sciences, Bachelor Designer (FH)

Why should anyone decide on an internship at the Art Lebedev Studio—in Moscow—especially during the winter months? The answer is easy: you simply cannot afford to miss this unique chance, because you are really damn lucky to be chosen!

Here is what it has in store for you:
— a lot of nice, funny and warm-hearted people in the Studio who are prepared to include you in all the working processes—and a very pleasant working atmosphere.
— a studio, which is unique and at the same time fascinating! You are surrounded by antique sewing machines, typewriters, a motley mix of furniture, mock-ups and many young energetic people.
— Timur, a boss who really cares about his interns and is always eager to help them and to share his expert knowledge with them, as well as helping out with some translating issues. He also knows how to keep the whole team entertained and in touch with what is going on in the world (how could anyone ever have managed without You Tube??)
— projects which are both multifaceted, challenging and interesting (even the weekend homework :) ) You really get a profound impression of what the designing process is all about
— the experience that life in the Studio is not completely restricted to design work alone—there are also excursions to factories, museums, restaurants, galleries...
— Moscow, a city which is both huge and fascinating, and which so many people (including me before I came here) have a very silly, one-sided idea of (though it is true that it is really bloody cold in winter!).

Thanks again to Timur for his help and patience, thanks to all the other guys of Prom-Design-Department—I had a great enjoyable time! Thanks to Nastja and Vova for their friendship, hospitality and for keeping me close company all those months—I will miss you, but definitely see you again . Thanks to Graph-Design-Team for my friday evening drinks :) and to all the staff at Art Lebedev who made my internship an experience I will never forget!!


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