Anthony Mols

24 September 2012 – 26 March 2013
Glasgow University and Glasgow School of Art, Product Design Engineering

The last almost six months in Moscow have been a truly incredible experience. It’s been a chance to learn from world class designers, to explore a fascinating part of the world and to look at everything from a new perspective.

The studio is an amazing creation. It’s a rare thing; a large, innovative and independent organisation in Russia! A sense of belonging and empowerment is clear in everyone, aided especially by the idea sharing system “Brain” and the fantastic cafe. It’s no surprise that it has attracted such a diverse array of talented people.

I’ve heard suggestions that there is a “house style” and perhaps there is, but what I’ve seen is individuals working solo and in teams to produce good, appropriate and thoughtful design in the way they see fit. It’s a unique place that provides a platform for people to express themselves creatively. Design which is clearly good is always encouraged by Tema, Timur and the other directors.

An unbelievable fact; I have been one of those individuals producing (hopefully) good design. I was given opportunities and responsibilities I probably wasn’t ready for and so I have failed and succeeded in equal measure. It’s the design equivalent of a baptism of fire. In this way I’ve also learnt faster than ever before and I think this is the true value in being an intern at the studio.

Thanks to everyone who made my stay so enjoyable. I’m particularly grateful to Timur and the Prom Design team for their patience and good humour! Thanks also for sharing knowledge, for sharing jokes, for excursions, for vodka drinking sessions and kite flying.

A final word about Moscow and Russia. I said before that this is your best chance to explore this part of the world and I can’t emphasize that enough. Aiming for winter is daring, but rewarding. You’ll also undoubtedly meet wonderful people in and outside the studio who will make the experience even more enjoyable and memorable.

So apply! Goodbye!

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