Artem Sazonov

26 January – 26 April 2010
British Higher School of Art and Design

Well, firstly, I have to say that I am Russian.:-) So there was no surprise when I came to Moscow. Art. Lebedev Studio is situated right in the center of the city and is easy to get to. It is surprising that there is no sign of the studio on the street and you have to come through the special gate which by the way makes me feel sort of spy there :-)

The Studio is a huge space which reminds of theater but filled with fascinating collection of new and old electronic devices. It looks like work never stops here, whatever time you come there are people sleeping on couches and somebody glued to the monitor with a cup of coffee. Everybody around is friendly and always happy to help. I have been practicing in Product design department which appears to be small but very hard working and productive. During 3 months I spent there I took part in more than 10 projects varying from small design artifacts and electronic devices to street furniture. There is a great thing called the Brain where anybody from the studio could upload his idea and get feedback from others.

Guys at product design are professionals with outstanding experience in bringing ideas to life, so there is much you can learn from them. While studio brings out crazy things like keyboards with screens in keys, there’s some serious thinking behind every product that is designed here. Timur is a great team leader who knows how to keep joy of the work atmosphere. There is a lot of sketching required here, so expect significant improvement in your drawing skill.:-)

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