Benjamin Flannaghan

25 January – 15 April 2010
Loughborough University


I have survived the end of the Russian winter, and have seen the temperature rise from −25 to +16. I am sitting writing this about to leave, when it only seems yesterday that I braced the −25 degrees Moscow air running to Timur’s car at the airport. This is my first long experience of working in a studio and it has truly been a memorial and enjoyable one. The studio has an amazing feel to it with various bits of technology throughout the ages lining the corridors and work areas like a massive design grotto. The studio has homely and airy vibe with more bean bags and sofas then it would have been thought possible, (which is also great when you want to sleep over). I have learnt so many new things through out the different projects with one thing for sure is that I am going to buy a tablet when I am back in the UK! It is also nice to be working on several different projects at once with laid back deadlines allowing you to explore ideas further. Homework was a little surprise at first although it turned out to be a fun process where by a topic would be chosen with a resulting design which could be more conceptual. It was a chance to think of blue sky ideas whether it be funny, cleaver or a blend of both.

At weekends I would often explore Moscow city. It is a brilliant city and the underground it beautiful. I also got the chance to go to St. Petersburg for the day which was a very long but enjoyable day and would definitely recommend it.

The internship would not be complete without the people. I would like to thank Irina and her family for providing a place to stay as well as generally helping out. Timur is also a great guy who taught me lots about sketching and rendering as well as helping me out with some translating issues. I would also like to thank Artur for letting me sleep on his floor for the first couple of nights and Dara for her trainers!

Moscow is an amazing place and is not as scary as people think. The people are very nice although (for non-Russian speaking people) you will often find that people in shops or selling train tickets will not speak much English, but someone else in the que will be happy to try and help you out. All in all, I am sad to be leaving this studio and city, but glad I enjoyed every day.

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