Bertrand Clerc

31 July – 29 September 2006
International School of Design, Valenciennes

Privet mates!

Back two months ago, I remember the first day I came into the studio, I just found what I could not even expect from a workplace: a cloud of positive mess and creative energy up in a building of the center of Moscow.

The offices are an interminable labyrinth, traveling through an old soviet products museum, a huge theater transformed in a working open space and squatted by a disorder of multiple desks and displays, people working everywhere, sleeping on couches, nothing in common with what I knew before. Mum, that was great. Since that the surprise was still the same everyday, being here was a real pleasure for both human and work sides.

Lebedev Studio has this kind of rare multi domain approach, from graphic design and web design to engineering through software programming and industrial design, from simple funny products to high innovation projects, this mix results in a creative inerty and a strong permanent growing system. As a student, I had the chance to experience a full time project with responsibilities witch wouldn?t happen elsewhere. I worked with young dynamic and already experienced workmates, a full competences team from beginning to end, I got a lot from them and hope to find the same kind of people in the future.

The Studio has also been a particular human experience to me, people have this Russian spirit and more, I just felt at home (sometimes it was), everything is mads for employees, always improving. I advise everybody to come here, it is a good school for life and career.

Well I think this paper looks serious enough, so now I can tell it was FUCKING COOL! And I want to make very special thanks to: Tema, Pantoutle (Timour), Andrey, Sergei, Alexei, Alexei, Alexei, Martin, Helen, Vadim, Noel, Anna, Jonas, Michael.

Studio Lebedev will save designers)


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