Dmitry Vasin

29 June – 27 August 2010
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology


I failed to come up with a coherent story, but jotted down a few key points worth mentioning.

— Highest concentration of really cool professionals.
— Relaxed but working atmosphere.
— I never thought that going to work could be a pleasure and I would wake up every morning thinking "Cool! Today I’m going to the Studio."
— Art. Lebedev Studio is a perfect place to work at.
— Lots of old stuff that you can play with.
— Cool WCs.
— A really amazing huge chair.
— Many couches that you can sit, lie or sleep on.
— Everyone is on first-name basis. That’s cool.
— I didn’t get a job. That’s not cool.
— Delicious cakes and pastry in the café on the fifth floor.
— A fun collection of beer coasters.
— No tea bag tea.
— All in all, thanks to the studio for the tasks provided :-)

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