Ekaterina Aleynikova

1 July – 26 August 2016
British Higher School of Design

What we were doing:
Small architectural forms, some of them for children.
Storefronts with mannequins and replaceable balloons. Wasted.
Generating slogans is fun!
Towards the end of the internship: interiors for cafés and stores.

Got an idea? Draw a picture! Otherwise it won’t work.
You don’t want to go home. You want to spend the night in the hammock at the studio and not waste time on the commute.
I was worried I wasn’t able to stay late. The miracle wouldn’t have happened but at least it would have been easier on my conscience.
Having seen the works of other designers at the studio, the only thing I can say about my own is «Here, I made this.»

Miscellaneous work-related:
Guys in charge of interns, thanks for your patience! I’m happy my first ever internship at a design studio happened with you, not someone else.

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