Hyuh Jin Lee

5 July – 5 August 2009
Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, UK

Working experience here was short but very impressive for me. This intern was my first experience as a product design intern. I know the atmosphere of working here is so much different from most design consultancies or in house companies. It was absolutely flexible to manage the time depending on the design process and schedule. In addition, by putting creativities into the virtual network, which upload ideas every week, I could share with other people’s ideas and get inspired from other co-workers.

Other thing I really like is a hallway showing a history of machine such as old PCs or Typewriters. Even I could find analogue products I never seen before. Most spaces in this studio have their own characters depending on who is seating there. I think personal expression through objects bring creative mind and brilliant concept.

If you are lazy to go out to get some lunch, don’t worry, in the cafe of the studio, there are delicious and fairly cheap food. Not only food in cafe, but also the space itself is cosy to eat or chat with people. Sometimes, I saw that they discussed some projects in a group, seating on sofa.

If you like music with DJ, just stay in the studio till 10pm on every Fridays and enjoy the Friday!

In terms of working as an intern, I used many papers to sketch or print out at the same time I could improve my sketch skill and illustrator tool for 2d rendering. For me, the most difficult part was time management for doing several projects at a time. So, I could learn new software to organise the schedule and mapping for concept. Google calendar was also helpful to manage your time!

I feel the time of staying here is so fast. I regret that I didn’t look around Moscow every weekend. Next holiday, I will definitely visit in Moscow again!

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