Igor Lobanov

22 October – 24 December 2010
Ural State Academy of Arts and Architecture

My internship in the industrial design department was for 2 months, during which I had a chance to participate in a couple of projects.

To get admitted turned out to be pretty easy. Once, passing a night at my computer, I’ve decided to write a letter to Tema. Not later than the next day I’ve got a response from Timur inviting me for internship. In another week and a half I found myself in Moscow.

The studio hosted me for almost a month, since finding lodging in the city took a long time. After that month I started to feel like a home pet :-) The studio itself is like a live organism with its own “brain.” It seems it never gets deserted completely.

My internship gave me very useful experience working in a team of professionals. It was interesting to see how the workflow is organized on a department level, studio level, how the team members collaborate, how they organize their time, and how the project stages are presented to a customer.

Thank you.

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