Ji Young Shon

10 July – 10 September 2008
Royal College of Art, London, UK

/>Wow! time is super fast in here!
I spent 2 months in Art. Lebedev Studio and It will be one of huge page on my life. I will not forget about every single things happened in Studio.

Actually, before coming here, Russia, my parents and friends were worried about everything in Russia. Because they have certain perception about Russia which is there might be full of army and extremely dangerous. But you know what, it’s absolutely not. If there is somebody who considers about coming to Art. Lebedev because scare about place, then I will say you don’t need to do. This is absolutely safe place I’ve ever been in my life.

Work in Art. Lebedev Studio as an intern, that’s really special experience. I think you have to try to do this and somehow this will change your entire life after internship. Because this is totally different system compared with conventional design company or studio. Somehow this will be kind of shock but could be nice point to learn. This is 100% depends on you. So I recommend you to prepare strong but flexible open mind to work in here. If you are ready for accepting everything than it will be precious time to be here.

Especially, for styling, you could be a lot improved by learning from cool designers in studio. Believe me, they were born to be sketcher. Haha. Hand drawing or tablet drawing whatever. You can learn how to present your idea with cool drawing.

And not only colleague from prom design but also from other departments you can learn? Here is full of visual genius as well. I really loved to be with friends in studio. They are all nice and kind and cool designers. Due to confidential, I will not say about specific name of you. Haha…

To sum up. You might love this studio place (this is really cozy) and their craziness. But I still feel kind of pity myself, because I did not do that much work in here than what I planned before. (I even had a plan to do my exhibition in here… but that’s gone now.) And I was not that much activated during internship period. Actually I gave up from certain point. I think I need more energy drinks — Red bull is my best friend. And one more, I really expected to drink lots of vodka in here. But I didn’t do… that’s really shame… maybe I could have another chance to be here and at that time I will finish what I wanted to do.

Thanks guys. I will miss you everybody. That was really nice experience to me. I will be back with my developed projects. And also thanks to Viet cafe’s biz lunch, Mc Donald’s, sushi bar’s handsome maladoy-chillavyoik (?) and Tibetan chilli noodle with cute dievushika, that was really good meal

And for smokers: This is heaven to you! Cigarette is amazingly cheap @.@

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