Katia Pashinova

21 May – 17 August 2012
Aalto University, School of Art, Design & Architecture (MA Furniture Design)

Hi there!

Probably, if you are reading this section you are either present intern or a future one.

Applying for an internship to Art. Lebedev Studio in Moscow, I already knew that this was the best possible place to have a summer practice at. Extremely popular for its high requirements to both interns and the design quality, I was more than excited about coming to the studio.

Since the very first days my internship started from the diving deeply into the real design process and projects, both group and personal. And what I liked particularly, was covering the wide range of areas and goals during these three months, varying from design of small silicon objects to the furniture design and basic engineering solutions.

In this way, studio gives you a rich choice of opportunities to challenge yourself in areas you haven’t been working with before, thus making you study even harder and faster and get specific knowledge of manufacturing aspects and processes, which are useful to be aware of.

Besides from projects, It was surprising how the studio actually cares about the interns. Weekly Lectures and sketching classes were a part of my being here, that, for sure, increased my curiosity in some particular areas of design and contributed to the skills development.

Just to sum up, be ready to push, work hard and constantly look for something you don’t know how and where and why, but it will pay back doubled, so enjoy the process and let your brain and talent develop with no limits to the benefit of the studio and your own.

Good luck and enjoy!

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