Kseniya Yegorova

4 August – 5 September 2014
Chuvash State Pedagogical University

I wish that there were no end
To days in the studio and nights on the roof
Where Moscow landscape unfolds
Causing spirits and soul to rise high.

I want to be a friend to the people
Whose eyes have a sparkle and strength,
I wish them a ton of ideas
And many creations ahead.

I want to solve problems and tasks—
It seems there’s nothing I can’t do.
If I had more patience and luck,
I would find a path to pursue.

And I want to thank you a lot
For 400 phone calls and 200 e-mails,
25 work days, 3 books,
One cat and a flow of data.

Thanks to the Studio for faith and support,
For the chance to show my worth.
I thought that I was in love,
And now my love has grown strong.

I wish that there were no end
To happiness, joy and delight.
I got lucky—my dream has come true,
And I wish good luck to all of you.

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