Lutz Rief

5 March – 28 May 2012
Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, Industrial Design

It is my last day at the studio, I am scanning lots of sketches and thinking about the last three months I spent here. One thought is running through my mind over and over again: How will I live without all this.

I got accustomed to being excited about a new day at the studio, to spending my day working on interesting projects inside the great Product Design Department, to having a break for some tea and ping-pong, and to meeting a lot of young people from all kinds of different professions every day.

When I first came to the studio, I did not know what to expect and what I wanted for myself.

Thank you, Timur, for putting me on the right track and for your help. Being a part of the studio’s life and business is pretty amazing. All the people I met during my time here were as open and friendly as the whole environment and atmosphere in the studio was. I had the chance to join a cooking class in the studio’s cafe, to go for tours, and to watch the diploma presentation by Vasily from our department.

Now, as I am finishing my internship, I am sure that getting the chance to work and learn at Art. Lebedev Studio is something absolutely unique and you are really lucky to get this experience. Thank you, Timur and Tema, for giving me the chance.

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